Stellenbosch University

Western Cape, South Africa



Marileen Van Der Westhuizen

Danielle Hadley-Grave

Sasha McGhee

Shannon Levin

Rebecca Verhaeghe

Michele ter Huurne

 Kgomotso Morake

Candice Denner

Tamar Kendon

Ovahiwa Thlodi

The team, based in Western Cape, South Africa is largely based in Stellenbosch and supported by a satellite team in Cape Town. We have well-established relationships with a variety of community partners in and around the previously disadvantaged areas ofStellenbosch, such as in Jamestown and Kayamandi, where our primary operations are based. Our project link well with after-care programmes and environmental clubs, spanning across both primary and secondary school age groups. Excursions are both terrestrial and marine-based with a large focussed placed on tackling local problems, especially from the surrounding farming communities. Holiday programmes are also being crafted and this far we have been privileged to be working alongside The Pebbles Project in the Hemel and Aarde Valley, Hermanus. We have a diverse, passionate group of students who have contributed a massive amount of time and effort into making a difference. They continue to do so every day, and for that, we are ever grateful.  

Recent Events

‘Wild Dogs’ by Asha Loon

‘Wild Dogs’ by Asha Loon

When I was young I was lucky enough to grow up in a small wildlife reserve in Hoedspruit with a dry riverbed running in front of our house… Every couple of years or so very heavy rain would fall, and the river would come down in flood. This was always an extremely...

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‘Cheeky Little Thing’ by Pier Veller

‘Cheeky Little Thing’ by Pier Veller

I sit here writing this with two weeks left in South Africa. I sit here writing this, trying to pick one thing out of my country that truly shines through as my best experience in nature. I sit here, knowing that one single experience cannot express how incredible our...

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