Hello friends, family & first-time finders of Lessons in Conservation,

Apparently, time flies when you are making a difference in the world! That is the reason we may have been a little quiet lately. But it is all about to change, we have created this BLOG to use as a platform to update you about all our work going on behind the scenes and, more importantly, to encourage conversations about conservation, to spread awareness and to get people like you involved!

So to catch you up, very briefly, here is a summary of a few of the things we have done in JUST OVER A YEAR since we started in mid-2018!

As you know, we started out as a small group in Pretoria, Gauteng, working in our surrounding areas. We started off working with Siyanqoba Feeding Foundation and since then have worked with more than 956 children from a bunch of different organisations, communities and fostering homes. In February of this year we spread our wings all the way to Stellenbosch in the Western Cape!

Above and beyond broadening our horizons in South Africa, we have also introduced “Holiday Programmes” where we identify youth in communities close to prime wildlife areas across SOUTHERN AFRICA and use their surroundings to educate them and instil the understanding of the importance of wildlife. So far, we have done holiday programmes in Swaziland and Hoedspruit, and we have incredible future plans for Mozambique and Zimbabwe in December. More on this to follow soon!

We are going to make this a WEEKLY blog, keeping you in the loop with our past, present and future affairs and current issues in conservation. Our blog posts will be on Thursdays!

LiC would like to reiterate that we are so incredibly grateful to everyone and we are sure that our efforts will adequately repay the kindness of all our donors!


Happy reading!

– The LiC Team


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