Lessons in Conservation (LiC) is a student-run non-profit company (NPC) based in Hatfield, Pretoria. As a brand, we have experienced incredible growth over the first few months of our existence. In this time, the programme has given lessons to around 180 children and has
taken 90 children on educational game drives.

Considering the LiC program initially set out to educate one class of 20 children and take three of them on a game drive, the current numbers are nothing short of a miracle. Major strides have been made towards legitimizing LiC, with the drafting of our constitution, our registration as a non-profit company and application for public benefit organisation status.

We understand that the foundations we are currently building will play a crucial role in ensuring LiC continues long into the future. We have therefore spent a lot of time in coming up with a mission statement and a mantra that encapsulate all that LiC is and hopes to become. Our mission is simple, yet powerful as we seek “to create a long-lasting platform to raise awareness about conservation in Southern African communities.” Similarly, our mantra “Serving to Save” summarises, in three words, how we aim to conserve the wildlife that we have by serving those who directly impact it. Through our lessons and game drives, we hope to create awareness that will aid in conserving not only wildlife but also the wildlife-centred culture that many African people are able to share.

LiC continues to strive to achieve the two goals that have not changed from the outset:

  1. To educate local children who currently have limited access to information about basic
    ecological principles and the importance of conservation.
  2. To create a connection between people and wildlife by observing animals in their
    natural habitat, and that this connection is passed on to other members of the community.

The future looks bright, with the start we’ve had it certainly looks as if we are awakening the sleeping lions for conservation.